GLENDALE, Ariz. – Ken Williams is fond of telling the media to “stay out of White Sox business,’’ and now the organization is making sure that to a certain extent that edict also includes manager Ozzie Guillen. At least as far as plans Guillen had to launch his own website this


As I sit here at 10:41pm on Monday night, I keep thinking; 35 points. Not angry, not emotional; just puzzled. Up until 8:50 remaining in the 3rd quarter the Bulls shot the ball unlike any other game this season. 60% in the first half, 38 points in the first quarter; 67 in the half.


UPDATE:  NY Daily News reports the Sox have traded Chris Getz and Josh Fields to KC for Mark Teahen.  First thought…meh.  Teahen is just a guy, and I guess he takes over in RF.  Nix to 2B?  Fine.   I like the Yankees. I guess I appreciate them more than I “like” them,


Well you can throw Tuesday night’s affair with the Milwaukee Bucks into the likely bag of gems that you’ll see this season from our very own Chicago Bulls. In what might have been the worst first half of basketball I’ve seen since the last Big Ten game I witnessed; the Bulls had 10 turnovers


Keep last night’s lost to Atlanta in the back of your mind as the Bears scratch and claw for a Wilcard spot.  It was the disappointment of too many little mistakes, but that’s not the only issue for this team.  Let’s go through the minor and MAJOR problems for the


Getting Jay Cutler made news in Chicago.  Getting Brett Favre made news in Minnesota. In Green Bay, the big news had nothing to do with the QB.  They’re set for a long time with Aaron Rodgers.  This off-season the Packers have installed a new 3-4 Defense and brought in Dom


Here’s hoping for a satisfying conclusion to Chicago’s newest true-crime procedural, “Assclown Manhunt” — in which a beer-throwing cretin is identified, pursued, apprehended, and, perhaps, fed to giant lizards. The wags at Deadspin have the best image of the culprit, who pointed security to somebody else and bailed. Central casting, right?  Love


Sorry to trouble you on an otherwise peaceful Sunday morning, but I am steaming about a couple things after the Bulls game last night. First, that Vinny postgame speech on TNT was an utter embarrassment:  you simply do not do that in the NBA.  Let the guys get dressed, get on the


WARNING: Some readers may find this blog a ..little offensive, but I want to ensure you that I am in no way sexist and I am not discriminatory towards women of any color, age , etc. I just have some thoughts that I’ve been discussing with some friends/co-workers of mine and I