As I sit here at 10:41pm on Monday night, I keep thinking; 35 points.
Not angry, not emotional; just puzzled.

Up until 8:50 remaining in the 3rd quarter the Bulls shot the ball
unlike any other game this season. 60% in the first half, 38 points in
the first quarter; 67 in the half. Luol Deng who reportedly fractured
his thumb showed no affects in the first quarter going 7 for his first
7 from the field.

Derrick Rose was equally as impressive notching 7 points and 3 assists
of his own in the first. Carrying over from the Atlanta game were he
scored 32, it seemed as if he’d learned the delicate balance for a
star point guard between assertion and facilitating teammates.

The Bulls came out in the third quarter and stood around, shot
jumpshots; and turned the ball over. And you know the rest.

The Bulls in an embarassing exhibition were then outscored 57-18 in
one stretch by the Sacramento Kings! Not the Lakers or the Celtics;
the Kings!

All of a sudden the Bulls had no answer for Ime Udoka who scored 15 of
his 17 points in the second half. While my choice for rookie of the
year (Tyreke Evans) took over the game.

The rookie guard from Memphis showed the second year guard from
Memphis (Derrick Rose) what it means to put a team on your back when
the games seems out of reach.

For the first time this season, Joakim Noah refused to talk. Stating
he had nothing to say really says it all.

These are the kinds of games that get a coach fired. Enough talk about
confidence and energy; at some point PRIDE should have taken over.
Luol Deng and Derrick Rose combined for 11 points in the second half.

The Chicago Bulls fans should not go another day without hearing from
their pseudo GM Gar Forman or the guy who doesn’t want to be bothered;
John Paxson. There absence in the bowels of the UC and in the media is
unacceptable. Someone must answer immediately. If not with the coach’s
job; then with answers to a few questions.

Why has Derrick Rose not progressed in his second year?

Why does this team lose games they have no business losing and not
competing in others? (The 1 win Nets at home and now a 35 point
comeback by the Kings. The Lebron “Dancing” game. The inexcusable
Raptors fiasco. Or the give up and go home Celtics game.)

How can a team who’s players are supposedly NBA quality be down to a 7
man rotation even with the injury to Tyrus Thomas?

Is Vinny Del Negro the coach to take this team to the next level? Or
are we waiting for another “enteraining” yet poorly played 7 game
first round exit?

I’m tired of this situation. In a city where the Bears are and will be
questioned by the fans and by the media; the Bulls continue to dance
along with a coach who’s not getting the most out of his players and a
GM who has won in the sense that if he’s out of sight; and out of mind.

I guess I am mad. There are questions that need to be answered and the
guys doing the answering have never done it before in this capacity. I
wish this was a baseball team so the owner would give a damn. Someone
needs to be held accountable. John and Jerry we’re waiting.

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